Bahamas Inshore Fishing

Bahamas Inshore Fishing Charters

Whether you troll for the burly barracuda or bottom fish for tasty snapper, inshore fishing with light tackle in and around Nassau and Paradise Island offers an exciting yet relaxing experience. Inshore reef fishing is great for kids and those who just enjoy catching more fish!

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Inshore Fishing Charters FAQ

What is included with my fishing charter?

Includes fishing licenses, bait and tackle, as well as catch cleaning/filleting and a cooler full of ice and water.

Can I take the fish I catch home?

Yes. Up to eight pounds per person as per Bahamas Fishing Regulations. We will clean and package it for you but you will need to be able to keep it cold for the journey.

Can I have my catch mounted?

Yes. Hunter Charters works directly with Gray Taxidermy, the world’s largest marine taxidermy company. Gray Taxidermy specializes in handcrafted custom fishmounts of all freshwater and saltwater fish species. In fact, the images of the fish on our what we fish for page are all replica mounts done by Gray Taxidery. If you are interested in getting your trophy mounted, talk to us.

Can I get my fish cooked after my charter?

Yes and we highly recommend it for the full experience. We recommend you take your freshly caught and cleaned catch to Greek Islands Restaurant and Bar in Nassau after your charter.