Bahamas Deep Sea Fishing Sailfish Fishing Charter


Book a Sailfish Fishing Charter in Nassau

Go Sailfish fishing with Hunter Charters to catch what is considered the fastest fish in the ocean! Thus, to catch a Sailfish is one of the most rewarding big game fishing experiences out there. Known for their spectacular fights, Sailfish can run at speeds in excess of 68mph taking an astounding 30m of line per second! Don’t worry our gear is up for it–we keep our top brand fishing gear ready for hard fighting action. Not to mention our seasoned captain and crew will help you reel in the catch of your life. Book a Bahamas deep sea fishing charter with Hunter Charters and catch the big one that didn’t get away.

  • Size: 50-100lbs, up to 200lbs/9-10′
  • Speed: Almost 70mph!
  • Best Months: March – April
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Fish mount images courtesy of Gray Taxidermy